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Protect your vaccine, so it can protect your herd. Vaccines break down in sunlight and warm temps, making them less effective and even dangerous.

Make your vaccine program pay for itself by protecting your investment. Misuse and mishandling can cost you, your profit. Use the cattlevacbox next time you work your herd.

Get the most out of your vaccines. Keep them cool, sorted and protected while you're processing your cattle. The cattlevacbox is insulated, and with the use of ice packs, you can make sure your meds are at the right temp. The box comes with a specially designed tray that helps eliminate cross-contamination of your vaccine, by keeping them individually organized in each row. Individual and transfer needles separated.

Our cattlevacbox has three slots for your vaccine guns that allow access to them without opening the vaccine side of the box, keeping them cool and out of direct sunlight, dirt and dust between shots, but still allowing easy access and safer handling. Under the slot lid is a sharps container for your used needles just remove the gun and drop in the slot then you can dispose of them properly. The amount of ice packs needed to keep your meds cool are dependent on your situation, how long you're going to be working and the temperature. The cattlevacbox has room under the tray, on top and beside your vaccine and under the syringe side of the box. You can order additional ice packs to fit your needs. We are an all in one vaccination station.

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