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Brandon Tractor's 7845 Model Tractor


Brandon Tractor's 7845 Model Tractor

Shane Cates
2100 Cedartown Hwy
Rome, GA 30161
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Phone Number (254) 315-5687
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Fax (706) 290-7560
Product Description

Branson Tractors's 7845 model tractor.  The 7845 engine is genuine "Branson Built."  It's turbocharged, intercooled, and is rated @ a quiet 2500rpm.

If you like lots of torque....."this engine is for you!"  The heavy duty, sharp turning, front axle is a "must" for loader work.

Branson's front axle steers 56 degrees each direction, and does NOT use a drag link.  Smooth, powerful, and turns on a will like it!  Levers, gear shifts, buttons and light panels are all designed logically for ease and simplicity of operation. The 7845 tractor is available in a Cab or ROPs model.

  • Power Shuttle is completely electro-hydraulic in operation, is fully modulated, and very smooth
  • Dual-pump hydraulic system provides 19.3 gpm total flow
  • 540  and  540E Independent PTO
  • Ergonomically designed, user friendly, spacious operator’s platform
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